Räpi experimental farm


Apetit’s responsible farming practices are developed continuously. The source of this development is Räpi, the Group’s own experimental farm in Köyliö, which has been in operation for more than 60 years. Our own experimental activities allow us to identify the best and most delicious varieties that are suited to outdoor growing in Finland, and also have the right characteristics for production of frozen food.

Räpi experimental farm develops cultivation methods that support a sustainable cultivation ecosystem. Pest control solutions can include, for example, nets that cover crops, and information on pest life cycles and their natural enemies. Similarly, biodegradable covering materials and mechanical uprooting can be used to keep weeds under control. Modern technology is being utilised in ongoing studies focused on controlling weeds without spraying chemicals.

The Räpi farm has made a significant contribution to the development of the Finnish IP (Integrated Production) method. In 2011–2013, it participated in the Varjellen Viljelty project by updating new plant-specific cultivation instructions in response to consumer expectations and regulatory standards.

The Räpi experimental farm engages in close cooperation with various parties. Experimental cooperation with Apetit’s contract growers, on their fields, plays a significant role. The new knowledge and expertise developed at Räpi is transferred to Apetit’s approximately 100 contract growers in many ways, including the Experimentation Days event, which promotes agriculture as a livelihood throughout Satakunta.