About us

Apetit is a Finnish food company that focuses on plant-based food products and is firmly rooted in Finnish primary production. Our main product groups are: frozen vegetable products and frozen ready meals, vegetable oils and rapeseed expeller.

Apetit builds its operations around domestic raw materials and sustainable practices. In our opinion, responsibility should run through the entire operational value chain, from the well-being of the environment to human well-being.

Sustainable food solutions

Our consumption habits and choices play a significant role in the promotion of sustainable development. Food is a necessity that features prominently in both daily life and special occasions. By making sustainable food choices, we can contribute to the sustainable consumption of the Earth’s finite natural resources from the perspective of the climate, the environment and human well-being.

This is why we want to promote sustainable food choices: we offer sustainably grown and produced food products and ingredients while developing a value chain that supports the well-being of people and the environment.

Apetit’s operations are built around domestic sourcing and production, sustainable food solutions and ingredients as well as responsible operating methods. Responsibility runs through the entire value chain of our operations, from the well-being of the environment to human well-being. This is reflected in our mission: Good food for everyone. Locally.