Product Groups

We are the market leader in frozen vegetables in the Nordics. We also develop and produce tasty frozen plant-based patties and balls, wings and rings, as well as pizzas for different tastes. We provide services for private label, contract manufacturers and HoReCa sector.

Frozen vegetables

Finland is the northernmost agricultural country in the world. Our short but intensive growing season gives a particularly full taste to our vegetables. Apetit offers a wide selection of different kinds of vegetable products, frozen when fresh. Our Finnish vegetables come from our 140 contract growers, who use our own Responsible Farming method.

Arctic Peas

Long summers of Finland and the midnight sun give our vegetables particularly delicious taste.
Apetit peas – always frozen when fresh, always fresh to eat!


Patties and balls

Our delicious Apetit vegan and vegetable products work for casual healthy eaters, vegetarians and vegans. We constantly develop new delicious vegan products that are easy to use.

Snacking products

Apetit wings and rings are perfect for snacking with a dip at home, as a starter or as a side dish. Our variety of products include vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives. Broccoli and Cauliflower Wings offer something completely new for the frozen food section.


Apetit frozen soups are the perfect help for busy everyday life. Delicous and effortless. Different varieties available, from vegetable soups to soups with reindeer and fish – not to forget Apetit’s classic, spinach soup, which has made everyday life easier for Finnish people for over 50 years.


Our pre-cooked fish fingers, patties and balls are ready to use. We are committed to increase the share of local fish caught in the Baltic Sea and Finnish lakes of our total use of fish. Eating wild roach and Baltic herring is a sustainable choice: eating Baltic herring decreases the Baltic Sea’s nutrient load and, like other local domestic fish, it has a small carbon footprint.


Apetit frozen pizzas – round or practical square – are sold in single or twin packages. We spread tasty tomato sauce on thin, crispy pizza crust and top it with Your favourite fillings. Our most interesting products are our two savoury vegan pizzas!

Vegetable oils

The Apetit rapeseed oil naturally contains large quantities of essential fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamin E. Apetit oil’s fresh and neutral flavour makes it ideal for food preparation, baking and gourmet kitchen.